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Vegan ACT is a not-for-profit, community group that promotes a Vegan lifestyle to people living in the Australian Capital Territory and beyond.  We welcome anyone wishing to learn about and live a compassionate lifestyle.  We organise and attend community and social events and help people see how easy a Vegan lifestyle can be.  Click on the image to find out more about who we are.  Join our active facebook group to share information and ideas.

We do not promote anything that comes from the cruel and exploitative meat, poultry, fish, dairy or egg industries (whether free-range or not). You can learn more about their practices here to better understand why we have taken this stance:
And by watching Earthlings online: http://earthlings.com/

We want to send a clear message about the animal suffering, environmental degradation and health problems that result from the consumption of animals and animal products. We also seek people who are looking to take action, raise awareness, help the environment, improve health for all, bring about social change and see an end to the exploitation of all animals.

The aims of Vegan ACT (as included in our constitution)  are to:
(a) promote a wholly plant-based diet which excludes all food derived from members of the animal kingdom;
(b) promote a lifestyle that causes the least possible suffering to animals and the ideal of a healthy, ethical and humane mode of life;
(c) encourage and facilitate co-operation between vegans and vegetarians throughout the world;
(d) co-operate with other organisations and people concerned with sound nutrition, positive approaches to physical and mental health, the preservation and improvement of the environment and the prevention of cruelty to members of the animal kingdom;
(e) facilitate the supply of vegan food;
(f) promote the use and development of animal-free alternatives for food, clothing and other purposes, for the benefit of humans, non-human animals and the environment.


What does Vegan ACT Do?
We do all sorts.  Click here to see reports on some of our recent activities.  Below are examples of the things we do and reports on our activities organised by type.  Click here to find out about upcoming events.

Online Presence – Things we do to support people online include:

Outreach – We look for opportunities to distribute information through stalls, leafletting and video challenges.

Sanctuary Support – We also seek out ways to help animal sanctuaries by doing fundraising and working bees for them.

Talks – We organise talks about Veganism and animal rights.

Screenings – We organise screenings to show Vegan and animal rights films.

Protests – We attend protests to show that Vegans care about a whole range of issues including animal rights, human rights and the environment.  When last protesting at the circus, a man said “Why do you only care about animals?  Why don’t you protest to support the refugees?”  We said “We do!”

Social Events – We organise monthly social events.  Here are reports on some of them.

We have also negotiated discounts for our members at great businesses around the ACT!

Many thanks to all who organised, got involved and made it all possible! Special thanks go to: Jyoti, Rowena, Michelle, Gareth, Dieter, Mark, Tracey, Francine, Jacky, Sia, Adrian, Tina, Maryanne, Robert, Emma, Lisa, Andrew and co! And we look forward to having many more of you on board in the coming year to help make a kinder Canberra! 🙂

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