Jyoti's Picnic

By Jyoti

Friendly get-together on a beautiful Canberra Autumn day with friends. A little thank you for a bunch of years I’ve put into working with Vegan ACT. Was a nice thought to be given a life membership to the Society.

By Michelle

The Vegan ACT committee (we are also the Facebook admins) – Michelle Isobel, Gareth Ballard, Francine Horne, Tracey Lofthouse, Dieter Dambiec and Veronica Miller – would like to warmly acknowledge and thank some committee members who have stepped down from their roles earlier this year, including Jyoti Dambiec who served 15+ years with the committee in various roles including president and helped ensure the continuation of the society on multiple occasions. Pictured is Jyoti’s thank you picnic from last weekend! <3

We would like to thank Mark White who served many years as Membership Secretary and reliably organised countless social gatherings.

Vegan ACT would like to thank Kane Elson who served as a valuable general member and life saving tech wizard!

And lastly the talented Troy Adam Guy who could sadly no longer continue due to his growing university workload.

We would also like to welcome the lovely Lisa Green as a Vegan ACT delegate for social dinners, and thank Rowena Ve Gan for her incredible continued work with the website, which can now be found at www.veganact.org.au

A big thank you to EVERYONE who has volunteered or contributed to Vegan ACT in the last year! We can’t do it without amazing people like you!

If you would like to become more involved with Vegan ACT’s outreach, volunteering and support work, please feel free to get in touch either by PMing the current committee, commenting or emailing contact@veganact.org.au
Ideas and contributions always welcome!

… or contribute by becoming a financial member 😉

Picnic for Jyoti