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 There are so many opportunities to promote a compassionate way of eating & living.  Here are some things you can do with others!  You can also contribute online and to this website :).


Click here for an up-to-date list of Little Oak Sanctuary’s Working Bees and Events

Provide home for Rats (Updated 10 April 2017)

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Latest update from Laila:

Hi everyone

The rats needing adoption from CIT has become a matter of URGENCY

If you are interested in adopting pet rats or know someone that is, please contact Laila via messenger

PLEASE NOTE: these animals have not been tested on in any way, they have only been observed and handled for educational purposes (vet nursing course)

Just mention on the phone that you are interested in adopting some rats and Michelle will give you all the info

Please also consider adopting two or more, rats are companion animals and will get very lonely solo


Update from Laila:  Hey all, there are still quite a few rats that need adoption pretty urgently, if you’re interested or know someone that is please contact me via messenger and I’ll give you the details!

Also if you could ask around in other groups and on your own page that would be wonderful. Really want to give these guys a chance at having a forever home 🐁🐁

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Let’s talk activism!

A message from Laila

It may seem scary and intimidating standing before the public raising awareness about the truth and reality of animal industries, but if you’re passionate about your values and where you stand as a proud member of our vegan community this may be just the right thing for you!
We all remember how nervous we were our first time participating in these experiences, but we gained confidence from the positive effects we are having on members of the public and by supporting each other when we’re out there on the streets together.
Many people have shown an interest in attending outreach and activism such as protests, 1000 eyes experiences and the cupcake challenges and we understand some people may hesitate to attend due to being anxious or uncertain about how it will go and if it ends up having much of an impact or not, but as you can see from the photos and feedback we post we reach a lot of people and many people decide to make changes or even go vegan on the spot after taking the time to listen.
This kind of activism isn’t for everyone, and that’s fine! We all have our own ways of planting seeds. But if you’re leaning towards giving it a go, be brave and join us. It feels truly amazing and rewarding to have discussions with people about the reality of animal agriculture and educate people on veganism.
Everyone is welcome to stop by any of the events for a chat and to see how things run.
Please get in touch with us by emailing, through Vegan ACT or contact Laila directly via messenger if you have any questions or concerns

Become a Foster Carer for Greyhounds

Greyhound Foster Carers Needed

Original Post by Sia Brook

Foster carers needed!
With the recent ban on greyhound racing in NSW and ACT, there will be a high influx of hounds needing homes. If you’re able to provide a temporary home and help them learn how to be part of a family (many have never been in a house, existing in concrete kennels, and struggle learning about steps etc), please pm me:  Ongoing support provided 🙂 Thank you

Teach Vegan Cookery to make the ACT Vegan :)

Raw Food Demo Kitchen

By Michelle

Hey everybody,

I have been speaking with one of the co-ordinators from Lake Nite Learning at Lake Ginninderra College, and we reckon we need to get some vegan classes going on there!
Do you have a skill you would like to share relating to veganism and some time on weeknights to spare? Maybe you’re incredible at vegan baking, or have a background in nutrition, or something else…?

The course does not cost the teacher (that’s you) to set up, you will even receive some payment for your work, and you will of course be rewarded with the knowledge that you have put veganism on the curriculum for the 60,000 people that receive notice of these courses!

Please let me know if you would like to get involved, or if you have any questions via facebook or

(Updated) Become a Sanctuary-Hand Volunteer at Little Oak!

Little Oak Sanctuary Hand with ResidentBy Little Oak Sanctuary

Little Oak Sanctuary is located under an hour from Canberra, towards the South Coast in NSW.  We are a registered not for profit charity with a mission of providing sanctuary to animals in need whilst promoting compassion for all animals through education and cruelty-free living.  This is our news!

Little Oak Sanctuary is predominantly by its creators, James & Kate, with assistance from our community in the form of working bees.  We’ve had great success with our first round of weekend sanctuary hand volunteers, and would like to thank Laila and Jennifer tremendously to their contribution to the sanctuary!  We have reviewed the structure of our volunteer program and will be modifying the positions accordingly.

We are once more seeking expressions of interest for a Weekend Sanctuary hand position, the position will be unpaid (volunteer basis) as per all positions at Little Oak Sanctuary.  Volunteers will be required to make a commitment of one day (max 4 hours) on the weekend at the sanctuary each MONTH.  We hope to gather a group of between 8-10 committed individuals and will be rostering the time so that volunteers will be at the sanctuary in pairs.  If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please read on!

Cleaning shelters
Replenishing bedding
Cleaning water troughs
Assistance with routine animal care (Grooming, hoof trimming goats and sheep etc)
Providing interaction/cuddles for the animals
Preparing feeds
Assistance with fencing
Weeding of paddocks
Training will be provided for all duties

Essential skills
Own transport (preferably SUV or 4WD but not essential)
Ability to drive a manual transmission car (farm ute etc)
Confident and calm around animals
Reasonable physical strength/fitness (no back injuries etc)

Desirable skills
Experience with large animal care – horses etc

Position Description
This role is unpaid as a volunteer position (as are all positions at Little Oak at this time). It will require a commitment to attend the sanctuary once a month on either a Saturday or Sunday for a maximum of 4 hours, depending on sanctuary events such as open days.  The role will require a commitment for a minimum three (3) month period, which may be extended if Little Oak Sanctuary and the volunteer both agree to an extension.

If you love animals and are able to commit to regular volunteer work or would like to know more, please email your application to

Volunteer at Possumwood Wildlife Sanctuary

We are in despPossumwood Sanctuaryerate need of volunteers here at Possumwood. Do you love animals and have time to help them at our sanctuary?
Possumwood is a wildlife sanctuary just outside of ACT, run by a handful of dedicated vegans who rescue and rehabilitate injured wildlife and any other animal that needs our help.
This page has been created in the hopes that we can find more volunteers to help out the animals.

Skills/requirements needed:
-able to lift large animals eg: kangaroos
-keep calm during stressful situations
-able to deal with/not be sick at the sight of wounds or injuries
-have a heart of gold
-willing to go the extra mile to help animals on death’s door
-experience with animals is not necessary as we will help train you
-have a car & drivers licence or able to get to and from the sanctuary

Main chores:
-feeding the animals
-cleaning & laundry
-cuddling and patting the animals
-help administer medications
-help with wound treatment
If you feel you have what it takes or are willing to become someone that has what it takes, please private message us your name, email, phone number, availability and skills.
Please share this page on your own pages to help us find more volunteers.

Help NSW Hen Rescue and/or Rehome Hens!

Hen RescueWritten by ALACT

Our friends at NSW Hen Rescue have recently saved approx 200 ex-laying hens from slaughter.  Our friends at Little Oak Sanctuary took on around 50 hens with the view to rehome 20-30 of them in the future.  If you are able to give a safe (no kill), secure (fox and predator proof housing), life-long loving home to these ladies please fill out the adoption form at the link here.

You can help save hens from slaughter by becoming a Hen Hero and donating $30 per month. Or you can make an urgent single gift today.  Click here to find out more.

Adopt a Miniature Ceramic Animal to Support A Poultry Place

Local artist, Steffi Linton, sold lots of amazing miniature animals at the ICAS Stall at the Living Green Festival with all proceeds going to A Poultry Place Sanctuary.  $10 each or three for $25.  Her mammoth effort saw her raise $1500 for the sanctuary.  If you are sorry to have missed out on adopting one of the creatures, you can get in touch with Steffi via to arrange the paperwork :).

Volunteer for Vegan ACT!

Vegan ACT Stall LGF

If you would like to join the committee or help out in a less official capacity, we’d love to have you!  Simply email and we’ll get in touch.

Here are some more ideas for getting involved with creating a kinder capital territory:

  • Are you a good Vegan cook?  Would you like to give a cooking workshop?
  • Are you a friendly person who likes to chat to people?  Would you like to help with setting up, packing up and/or taking care of an information stall?
  • Are you a good speaker who would like to give a talk?   Vegan Nutrition, Ethics, Dairy, Animal Welfare, etc…
  • Are you an ‘activist’?  Would you like to join a protest?   Or carry a placard at a Climate rally or similar event?
  • Are you a writer?   Do you have some interesting stories you could share?  Would you like to write public articles in newspaper etc?
  • Are you an internet cruiser – would you like to forward excellent links and articles to us for inclusion on our pinterest boards?
  • Are you a keen photographer with Vegan images to share?
  • Do you have graphic design skills?  Would you like to help us with design, layout from time to time?
  • Do you have other skills that you would like to share?

If you’d like to get involved in any way, please fill in the following form or email

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Thank you very much for contacting Vegan ACT. We will get back to you as soon as possible.