30-Day Go Vegan Challenge

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Are you ready to embark on a simple lifestyle change that will make a HUGE difference to our animal friends, your health and the environment?

Welcome to our free 30-Day Go Vegan Challenge! ‘Sign up’ today and you will receive a daily email with:

  • links, tips and a daily assignment from animal rights educator, Kym Staton
  • a delicious recipe from chef Cassie Heneghan of the Green Rabbit blog
  • health tips from naturopath Robyn Chuter
  • advice on managing change with psychologist Clare Mann.

You will also receive:

  • regular emails about local vegan events and information
  • optional access to your very own mentor for advice and support via email!

Get started on the road to a kinder, greener and healthier lifestyle TODAY! Complete the sign-up form on this page here, and tick ‘Yes’ for the 30-Day Vegan Challenge. We’ll be in touch soon after with your program for Day 1!

To preview the program, click on any link below. (These are the same pages you will receive daily by email if you sign up.)

Day One  |  Day Two  |  Day Three  |  Day Four  |  Day Five  |  Day Six  |  Day Seven  |  Day Eight  |  Day Nine  |  Day Ten  |  Day Eleven  |  Day Twelve  |  Day Thirteen  |  Day Fourteen  |  Day Fifteen  |  Day Sixteen  |  Day Seventeen  |  Day Eighteen  |  Day Nineteen  |  Day Twenty  |  Day Twenty-One  |  Day Twenty-Two  |  Day Twenty-Three  |  Day Twenty-Four  |  Day Twenty-Five  |  Day Twenty-Six  |  Day Twenty-Seven  |  Day Twenty-Eight  |  Day Twenty-Nine  |  Day Thirty

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