A Poultry Place

A Poultry Place is a no kill sanctuary which offers a safe, permanent home to rescued and unwanted domesticated poultry (roosters, chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese).  www.facebook.com/apoultryplace

Company Overview

The sanctuary focuses on poultry because they are the most exploited group of animals in today’s society, with almost 50 billion being slaughtered each year, most having been farmed in cramped windowless sheds and battery cages. Since 2001 A Poultry Place has assisted 2100 animals by offering them temporary or permanent shelter.



A Poultry Place began in January 2001 when Bede Carmody took possession of a cleared five acre block of land. He spent 18 months transforming it into an animal sanctuary planting more than 500 native trees, erecting fences and planning dedicated animal precincts.

While the sanctuary’s primary focus is on domesticated poultry there is also a resident sheep flock, a resident pride of cats and two resident goats.

All the animals have a carefree existence – they are not exploited for food or clothing and are free to roam during the day. None of the animals are allowed to breed, as there are too many animals needing permanent sanctuary without breeding more.


Costs and Donations

One of the most challenging aspects of running an animal sanctuary which is home to more than 250 residents is funding its ongoing operation. Feed, and clean bedding are ongoing costs of over $1000 each month. Providing secure housing, building new shelters and pens, vet bills and heating the hospital room – it all adds up.
While the human (aka Bede) works full-time to meet these costs, A Poultry Place gratefully welcomes donations and fundraising efforts from its supporters assisting in providing for the residents sheltering at the sanctuary.

You can always make a financial contribution to the running costs of A Poultry Place anytime via direct deposit to the following bank account BSB 012925 Account 484228991 or by contacting the human via freechook@bigpond.com

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