Vegan Outreach Booklet

By Sam Tucker of

Canberra Facebook:

The more people we have helping out, the more students we can reach and the more animals we can save.

Email Sam Tucker, Australia & New Zealand Outreach Coordinator, at for schedule and more info or contact him on facebook:

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The main focus of Vegan Outreach is handing out leaflets about factory farming and veganism, particularly to students at university campuses.

Leafleting is a super easy, fun and effective way to speak up for farmed animals.

Strong evidence suggests that for every 75 people who read a Vegan Outreach leaflet, one of them will go vegan or reduce their consumption of all nonvegan foods to less than once per week.

Considering the average person will eat several thousand animals over the course of their lifetime and that in a single day of outreach we can easily distribute a few thousand leaflets, the number of people we can encourage to go vegan and the number of animals we can save every day is absolutely enormous.

Smiling and saying hello, offering the leaflet in a way that’s a statement instead of a question, extending your arm fully and placing the leaflet directly in their hand will all dramatically increase the amount of people who take a leaflet from you. It’s also a good idea to thank people who take a leaflet and to stand in the middle of the footpath, not off to the side.

Some statements I’ve found work really well include “help animals”, “free information”, “help stop animal cruelty” and “info to help animals”.

The link above explains how to leaflet like a pro in more detail, and the video below shows what that looks like in action.

Leafleting events organised by Vegan Outreach will be posted in this group, so please keep an eye out and come along to any events you can, we can always use more volunteers. You’re also welcome to create your own leafleting events and Vegan Outreach will supply you with the leaflets free of charge or for a small donation. You’re also welcome to leaflet in your own time wherever is convenient for you. If you need leaflets sent to you or if you have any questions about events organised by Vegan Outreach, please email Sam Tucker, Australia & New Zealand Outreach Coordinator, at for schedule and more info or contact him on facebook: