By Michelle

On Friday the 29th of July, we held Canberra’s first screening of acclaimed documentary, Life According to Ohad, about activist Ohad Cohen.

Life According to Ohad is a tale of a young Israeli activist driven to unveil, and end the horrors of the animal product industry, one action, one witness, one consumer at a time.  As we become acquainted with Ohad’s life as a vegan activist, we are also given admission to his struggle to reconnect with a family incomplete without him – a family seemingly indifferent to his life’s purpose. Perhaps a family you recognise, in your own.

As a special treat after the screening, filmmaker Eri Daniel Erlich and star Ohad Cohen Skyped with the audience to answer any questions, and talk a little bit about the film and other projects.

Thanks to everyone who came out last Friday for the Life according to Ohad screening and Skype! We hope everyone had an great night watching this touching film with which many of us so easily relate.

We were lucky enough to talk to the people who made the film possible via Skype afterwards: director, Eri Daniel Erlich and subject of the film, Ohad Cohen.

The footage of the interview is available to watch via the link (it is not a professional recording, nor by a professional interviewer as we’re all volunteers, but we hope you will enjoy this extra insight!).

If you want to support Eri and Ohad’s current project SuperMeat, which aims to make cultured meat commercially available in the next couple of years – please head to their Facebook page and make a donation.

Eri and Ohad wish to express that they realise this product may not be agreeable to some, and that it is not a product that was designed with vegans in mind, but non-vegans. They ask that people consider the undeniable impact this would have on the number of animals whom face short painful lives and ultimate slaughter.

It is definitely an interesting topic, and Eri and Ohad are certainly long-term, passionate vegan activists with an admirable drive to help animals, and we wish them all the very best with this initiative.

Special thanks to Eri, Ohad and everyone who helped and donated food for the evening <3

To find out more about the film, watch the trailer above or go to: