Vegan ACT would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who volunteered, baked, donated and ate like champions for A Place of Peace Sanctuary today!

We are delighted to say we sold out an entire stall of vegan goodies and raised $1000!

Big thanks to Nicole, Francine Horne, Gareth and Michelle Isobel for being stall keepers and bakers, and to InvaderAli, Carmina, Teresa, Judith, Lisa, Sia, Karla, Anthea (of Rainbow Nourishments) who made such incredible food it was just a breeze to sell. I know I will have missed some bakers, please let me know who you were! Special thanks to Tara for being our best customer of the day, photographer and very supportive minder 🙂

Vegan ACT would like to acknowledge the huge contribution that A Place of Peace and Billie Dean Deep Peace Trust make towards a the furthering of veganism in our community and abroad. Thank you.

If you would like to follow A Place of Peace or contribute by making a donation, follow the link below or check them out on Facebook at Billie Dean Deep Peace Trust…/

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Message from Billie Dean: We are so incredibly grateful and pleased and happy for everyone that it was such a resounding success. Huge thanks from us for everyone who contributed. in all the ways you did. The money raised will go to hay and animal feed, which is of higher need again thanks to the extended hot dry weather. I also note it rained after the stall was all packed up — so thanks for that too !!! You are all incredible — thank you so so much xx