jyoti, juniper and dogWritten by Rowena

On Sunday, 19 October, Vegan ACT had wonderfully relaxing picnic near the kids’ playground in Weston park.

Everyone brought good spring spirit and plenty more besides to make it a lovely afternoon:  Jyoti brought a magnificent platter and crispy kale; Maryanne brought a colourful quinoa dish; Robert brought tempting tofu patties; Mark brought pleasing pasta dish; Indu and Shree brought spicy rice, a perfect potato and plantain salad and a moreish coconut milk and rice dessert; I brought my experimental spinach and chickpea salad and my copy of Living with Monsters;  Kane brought his bike; Dieter brought two kakaks;  Koby brought a delightful dog; Larita brought some food and water for said dog; and, for the entertainment of all, Zoë and Matt brought their Vegan-from-birth 13-month old daughter, Juniper :).  Hope to see you at our next picnic!