Climate March

Written by Jyoti

Thanks to everyone who came and joined us to speak up for the animals and environment today, and to encourage people to make the connection.

Good conversations and educating. We still have a long way to go. 6,000 or so people attended, most of whom are not vegan YET. Our task is to help people connect the dots.

As one placard says: “Animal agriculture is the leading cause of global warming, water usage, ocean dead zonnes, deforestations, specieis extinction, suffering and death”.

If we truly want to make a change, then what we put into our mouths has to be part of that.

More Pics of Climate Rally on AnimalACTivism Collective Page. Thanks to everyone who came along!

At the end of the march were no less than 5 dedicated Vegan stalls:  Raw Capers (Raw Vegan desserts by Celeste), Kingsland, Living Green Festival, Vegan ACT and AnimalACTivism Collective!