Vegan ACT Stall at LGFWritten by Rowena, Online Facilitator

Thanks so much to everyone who dropped by and to all our volunteers for their time and abundant enthusiasm!  We were all so thrilled to have the opportunity to promote Veganism that it was incredibly difficult to tear ourselves away!  The day got off to an excellent start with Sia and Chris (as pictured) drawing people in with their warm presence and witty repartee.  Those two were on a roll!

Lots of fun was had by all and many copies of ‘Why Vegan?‘ booklets, complete with Vegan ACT bookmarks, were taken away to work their magic.  A number of visitors also left equipped with memberships, Vegan recipe books, magazines and colourful nutrition charts.

The Animal Activism Collective added colour and interactivity to the stall by asking people to write down what they most like about being Vegan.  It will be very interesting to read the responses and see the resulting installation.

It was a such an exhilarating day!  Here’s to many more!