Human Meat Canberra

Original Post by Laila

Here are the photos from the Human Meat protest with Vegan ACT & Animal Liberation ACT last Saturday!

It was a fun and successful day, we were able to set up efficiently and everyone worked fantastically as a team to get the show up and running. It was great to see and hear everyone that was involved sharing their ideas and suggestions and going the extra mile to make everything run smoothly. We would like to give a big thank you to all the volunteers that came together to make this event happen, our beautiful meat actors: Gareth, Andrew, Tammy, Africa, Asmita, Barbra, Melita and Reeni. Our fabulous sign holders: Ebony N, Ebony P, Steve, Rachel, Tanya, Anne, Jackie and Ali. The awesome speakers for handing out flyers and speaking to members of the public: Rohan, Liam, Michelle, Nicole and Laila. To Donna for handing out delicious free cupcakes, the amazing cupcake bakers, all of the wonderful people that collected materials and resources for this project to bring it all together AND the fantastic Tina and Adrian for taking these photos and videoing the whole event.

Although we reached many people either people walking by directly or the passing traffic which gave us many toots and thumbs up, this has been a great learning experience for how to improve next time. To see how it all comes together, what works, what doesn’t work and the location are all a huge part of making events like these successful. We hope to see you all getting involved again!

Video to come soon!