Rowena Profile

Going vegetarian in 1996 was the best thing I had ever done until I went Vegan in February 2011 after reading the Why Veg? booklet.  I just wish I had seen the light earlier!  In mid 2012, I watched Earthlings (2005).  It strengthened my resolve and prompted me to write my very first song.  I also wrote another animal rights song called ‘Someone‘ which I entered in the UC Vision Song Contest.  I never cease to be amazed by the films that have come out that show that Veganism is so important from every angle.  There is Lucent (2014) for animals, Cowspiracy (2014) for the environment, and Forks Over Knives (2011) for health.  Though I am taking a break from the committee itself, I am very glad to have created this website for Vegan ACT to help people make kinder, greener choices and live happier, healthier lives (as shown in the joyful song ‘Wha Me Eat’ by Macka B).