A Poultry Place

Written by Michelle Swann, Vegan ACT Contact

A tremendous thanks to everyone who made the Vegan ACT working bee at A Poultry Place such a productive and memorable day on Sunday!

The tireless Bede Carmody welcomed Reeni, Maria, Veronica, Francine,Tracey, Kane, Gareth and yours truly for a day of shed cleaning and rebedding, fence mending, painting, tidying up and doting on and admiring the beautiful

residents of the sanctuary. We couldn’t have imagined a more uplifting and empowering way to spend a day.

If this looks like your cup of tea, please let me know via contact@veganact.org.au or PM Michelle And-Gareth and we’ll make sure you hear about upcoming sanctuary volunteering opportunities!

PS thanks to the lovely Morgyn Benstead, Fiona Walsh, Naomi Molineux and Sara Flint who put in a huge effort at the Little Oak working bee a couple of months ago, and my sincere apologies for not getting around to posting about the amazing day we had!

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