I committed to veganism in January 2014 alongside my partner Gareth, after a harrowing period of discovery concerning the animal product industry. For the last few years we had been attempting to eliminate products sold by unethical companies from our shopping list with the help of the Shop Ethical guide (a very enlightening publication/app). One fateful day we read about the short, horrific lives of bobby calves, and probably a week later our plates were free from animal products, after more probing into the world of animals who are considered commodities. Looking back it’s clear that the path we were choosing was leading to veganism, we just didn’t know it at the time. I never experienced anyone wanting to discuss the reasons to choose a vegan diet, which leaves me convinced that there would be so many more people willing to change their habits, if only they knew the repercussions of their choices for animals and the bounty of options available for vegans. Becoming vegan has been so easy, rewarding, life-affirming and delicious. I’ve never felt greater purpose, or felt better looking an animal in the eye.
I can’t wait to introduce veganism to others, and find ways to make it easier for people to change for the better