We are an all vegan takeaway shop, everything that is sold is vegan, and the food that we sell is marketed to takeaway with the packaging we have.
Our packaging that we source is entirely plant based, is compostable, will decompose in 30-90 days if it goes to landfill, but is also recyclable. For example, the sandwich wedges are not plastic; they are made of corn starch.
We don’t have a grease trap yet and as such we are under strict conditions to what we can and can’t prepare on site so most of our food is brought in from suppliers. We also have to have minimal washing up which means we are not able to provide crockery etc. for customers and why we have the packaging.
We are planning on expanding as we have room out the back, so in a few months we will have dinners, functions, movie nights, and activities offered out the back.
Our menu is constantly expanding and when we have been able to get the right equipment we will offer a wide range of vegan food products!
On Friday’s we will offer take home packs so you can pick up a meal and take home to heat up; these will range from lasagnes, curries, risottos, sausage rolls, and pies!