Stirato Bakery Cafe (Vegan Friendly), Fyshwick

Stirato Bakery Cafe


Address: 21/1 Iron Knobb Street, Fyshwick ACT 2609


Stirato is a VERY accommodating and kid-friendly café (decked out with a furnished cubby house, and loads of indoor toys). There is a yummy vegan pie on the menu, and the staff are friendly, helpful, and willing to vegan-ise dishes and drinks.

Superfood Salad

Instagram: @stirato_bakery_cafe

Oliver’s Market (Vegan Friendly) in Gundagai, Goulburn and beyond

Oliver’s Gundagai


See all their vegan items here:

Oliver’s is a new(ish) pit-stop located perfectly for road trips to or from Sydney, Melbourne, or anywhere in-between. There’s a bunch of healthy, vegan items on the menu (burritos, soups, curries, sushi, nuggets, chips, salads, juices, chia puddings, bliss balls, muffins… read: A LOT!), as well as packaged items (muesli, tea, popcorn, drinking chocolate…). They even sell DVD’s and books that most vegans will be familiar with (Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives, etc.). Check it out!

Instagram: @oliversrealfood

Rawsome Earth Cafe, Cooma

Original Post by Trish Nubel

Have you heard about Rawsome Earth Cafe in Cooma? Offering so much yumminess its hard to choose a great healthy choice for a day trip or on the way to the snow.
Located 95 Commissioner st Cooma in Earth Song Wellness building behind Coles and opposite anytime fitness. The centre offers a variety of practitioners, yoga and a great little gift shop full of unique gifts from hand selected crystals to warm winter jackets there is something for everyone with 30% off selected sterling silver gemstone jewellery well worth the drive 😘🙏🏼🙌

New Vegan Menu Items at Cafe Essen, Civic – Updated 26 June 2017

 Cafe Essen

Vegan Menu Update!

Original post

At Cafe Essen located at 6 Garema pl in Civic, we now have a new range of vegan menu item’s:

  • Vegan Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Stack.
  • Vegan Stuffed Zucchini.
  • Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Salad
  • Spicy Tofu & Brown Rice Salad

And the Soups of the day including: 

  • Lentil
  • Green vegetable
  • Tomato & Basil.
    Come feast your eyes on our new delight’s!

Review By Lisa Green (2016)

Location:  Shop 5 6 Garema Pl, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Cafe Essen is somewhat of a Canberra institution located between Garema Place and Bunda Street in Civic. With a vast loose leaf tea selection, different coffee roasts to choose from and a pretty good hot chocolate it’s a great spot to catch up with others.

There are a range of clearly marked vegan options on the menu as well as the specials board. Meals include a vegan mexi-burger (kidney bean and corn chip patty with guacamole, jalapeno and vegan aoli in a bun) and a vegan breakfast bagel (baked beans, scrambled tofu, spinach, roasted capsicum and pepitas over a toasted bagel). There are also a number of items that can be made vegan or may be vegan, such as the bruschetta, curry, various salads and the soup of the day.

For a sweet treat Cafe Essen currently stock vegan cupcakes from Crafted and also have dairy-free smoothies that are vegan.

Smiths Alternative Cafe & Bar, Civic (Updated Menu 9 June 2017)

Smiths Alternative

Be sure to specify the vegan chai

Original Post by Sarah Michelle Thomson (21 June 2017)

Smith’s Alternative will now be proudly stocking RealChai vegan chai powder! Meaning you can absolutely come in for a 100% vegan chai latte with soy or almond milk ❤️❤️

Original Post by Sarah Michelle Thomson (9 June 2017)

Newwwwww things at Smiths! Some new breakfast options, garlic bread (subject to availability because I literally eat it by the kilo) and a loaded sweet potato 😍 hope to see you soon!! ❤️

Original Post By Erin McKay, Manager, Smith’s Alternative Cafe and Bar

Hi everyone! If you haven’t already, you should come by Smiths Alternative, we are baking in the cafe, and have LOTS of vegan goodies! 🙂 we use Bonsoy in our coffees, and are looking for any and all criticisms and advice on what you’re looking for 🙂 we’re open 7am til late, so come check us out! xo

At the moment we’ve got wraps and sandwiches, I use nuttelex, and we will be working on expanding a bit more, but it’s mostly baked goods.  The chocolate tart in the top right is gluten free as well as vegan :).Smiths Alternative

Round Pizza (Formerly Walter G’s) New Vegan Pizzas + Dessert! – May 2017

New Vegan Menu (As of May 2017):

  • VEGAN SUPREME:  Tomato base, vegan ham, vegan pepperoni, mushrooms, roasted red capsicum, spanish onion, fresh capsicum, olives, chunky cut pineapple topped with vegan mozzarella.
  • VEGAN VEGI PESTO:  Tomato base, baby spinach, mushrooms, roasted red capsicum, grilled eggplant, cherry tomatoes topped with vegan mozzarella garnished with vegan basil pesto aioli.
  • VEGAN PEPPERONI:  Tomato & olive base, vegan pepperoni, spanish onion, fresh green capsicum, chilli flakes topped with vegan mozzarella.
  • VEGAN MEXICAN:  Salsa base, vegan chorizo, spanish onion, jalapeños topped with vegan mozzarella with a side of avocado salsa & corn chips
  • VEGAN PERI CHICKEN:  Tomato base, vegan chicken, red roasted capsicum, caramelised onion, fresh capsicum, pineapple topped with vegan mozzarella garnished with vegan peri peri aioli.
  • VEGAN BARBECUE CHICKEN:  Smokey barbecue base, vegan chicken, spanish onion, vegan feta cheese, mushrooms, spring onion topped with vegan mozzarella.


  • VEGAN CHOCOLATE PIZZA:  Vegan chocolate base, fresh strawberries and banana topped with vegan chocolate sauce drizzle and icing sugar.

Original Post by Laila – April 2017

Just had a chat with the owner of Walter G’s! He’s going to make sure they never run out of daiya cheese again and is getting the hook up from the supplier AND due to the vegan pizza’s being such a popular demand they are going to create FIVE new vegan pizza’s and a vegan dessert! 😍

Click here to see the excitement on the Vegan ACT Group

Pâtissez in Civic and Manuka (Vegan-Friendly)

Patissez Civic

By Lisa Green

Locations:  40 Marcus Clarke St, Civic and 21 Bougainville St, Manuka

Home of the freakshake, Pâtissez has two cafes, with the newer outlet in Civic having a few vegan options. The Civic menu changes seasonally, with the current vegan burger a grilled field mushroom, crispy spiced chickpea, corn & cumin patty, smashed avocado, fresh rocket, tomato, Spanish onion, housemade hummus & vegan basil aioli. Served with fries. It’s a delicious, but packed, burger. The staff are happy to discuss menu modifications and sometimes specials, such as the roasted mushrooms can be vegan.

However, the main reason to go here is to try a freakshake. The first Vegan Freak was a concoction of coconut gelato blitzed with lychees & a dash of almond milk in a jar drizzled in raspberry coulis then topped with vanilla bean coconut mousse & finished with a coconut, lychee & raspberry semifredo popslide. The popslide in particular was delicious. The current Vegan Freak is a chai spiced almond milk & soy ice cream shake with drapes & drapes of gooey Medjool date caramel topped with cacao coconut mousse & a crunchy nougatine cone. So good.  You can see it here:


Frugii Dessert Laboratory, Braddon (Vegan Friendly)

By Lisa Green

Location:  Ground Floor, ORI Building, 30 Lonsdale Street, Braddon

Frugii Dessert Laboratory is often touted as having some of the best icecream and most creative desserts in Canberra.

Thankfully vegans don’t have to miss out! The sorbets on offer are usually vegan and there is always at least two on offer. The flavours change every couple of days and range from single fruit flavours (such as peach, mango, lime, berry) to the more interesting such as strawberry & balsamic vinegar, watermelon mint and apple cinnamon and to the more alcoholic gin and tonic, cider, champagne and shiraz. The range seems to be endless.

In addition to the sorbets there are also a couple of vegan desserts. Frugii desserts are amazing to look at and also to taste. The first vegan offering coffee caramel creamaux, banana cheesecake, and a chocolate coconut mousse finished with cacao nibs. It is an amazing balance of flavours and textures and when first launched a weekend’s worth of desserts sold out in a night. Their second vegan dessert is a cherry ripe offering with layers of chocolate and cherry with a pipette of cherry sauce!

The Fish Shack, Civic (Surprisingly Vegan-Friendly)

The Fish Shack

Location:  Petrie Plaza. off Bunda Street.

It came as a surprise to us to discover that The Fish Shack located in Petrie Plaza off Bunda Street offers a good selection of Vegan food.  You can go for the authentic beer-battered Vegan fish and chips or you can opt for the healthier grilled version.  Or, if you want to try both, you can ask for 3 pieces of grilled and three pieces of beer-battered Vegan fish and chips.   Their Vegan Laksa is very spicy, filling and the perfect thing for a chilly day though it is a very good idea to ask for mild if you aren’t good at handling heat.  It is filled with delicious laksa broth, noodles, beansprouts, sweet potato, potato, tofu and some grilled Vegan fish so it is best to eat it by itself.  If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat, go for the beer-battered Vegan Fish Burger :).

Ask for:

  • Grilled or Beer-battered Vegan Fish & Chips
  • Grilled or Beer-battered Vegan Fish Burger (includes two pieces of Vegan fish,  tomato, lettuce, cucumber, and Spanish onion)
  • Vegan Laksa (In house laksa broth with sweet potato, potato, tofu and some grilled Vegan fish) – Good to ask for mild if you aren’t good at handling heat 🙂
  • Vegan hot chips
  • Vegan Chat potato wedges (wasabi salt optional)
  • Vegan hand cut sweet potato chips
  • Vegan Green leaf or Asian salad
  • Vegan Mushrooms (beer battered or tempura)
  • Vegan potato scallops

Vegan Menu Originally Posted by Ana Brandon



If you are on a computer, click here to get the latest Vegan ACT facebook group goss on The Fish Shack. 

Coffee Lab, Civic (Vegan-Friendly)

Coffee Lab

Compiled by Rowena

Although I’ve not yet been, there seems to be quite a bit of buzz about Coffee Lab on the Vegan ACT facebook group so I decided to compile the comments.  See end for menu :).

Maddie Haslam:  Went to coffee lab in the city today and was really impressed with all the vegan options! I had the oats something that has the strawberry purée and oh my gosh, it was soooo yummy!!! 😍😍 I highly recommend their food and coffee! The staff were super lovely aswell!!  No photo because I gobbled it up too fast!!

Halcyon Window:  Hey guys. If you haven’t already then go check out Coffee Lab in the city. Great coffee, they use Bonsoy, I didn’t ask about other Mylks but they used almond milk in my oats (freaking amazing btw) so possibly have it for coffee too [Confirmed]. They have 5 vegan options in the menu. I’m having the oats now and its delicious!!  End rant<3

Gabb Carr:  Julian and I went to Coffee Lab for a late breakfast this morning. Super delicious!  It’s near the Tax Office on Narellan St in Civic.  I can’t remember the names of the dishes, but the mushroom one [The First Frost] was my fave (definitely use the lemon with it, that acidity helps cut through mushrooms a little and make it 100X better). And we had a sesame seed crusted avocado one (that was replacing the ‘Healthy something something’ dish) was awesome with a kick of chilli and splash of lime. Fantastic coffee plus super friendly and helpful staff. They make you feel like a regular even if you’ve never been before! Highly recommended!

Amy Victoria‎:  Hi all. Thanks to whoever posted with the coffee lab’s menu. I had lunch there and it was fantastic! So many vegan options, great coffee, good service and no issues with breastfeeding. Oh and very comfy lounge seating which was great for the latter (I love you sweet bones but those chairs are ouchy). Anyway highly recommend if you’re in civic and don’t have time to get to sweet bones 😊’

If you are on a computer, click here to see the latest goss about Coffee Lab on the Vegan ACT Group.

Menu (from photo taken by Steph Gorman)

They have some always vegan and some ‘vegan options’.   I suggest you ask for avocado or mushrooms instead of the animal products rather than leaving them off as you are paying for a missing ingredient and if enough people ask for it, they may decide to make that menu item always Vegan.

All Day Breakfast:

  • Toast served with jam, vegemite or peanut butter
  • Oats Overboard (always Vegan):  Chia, oats & sultanas soaked in almond milk & blueberry juice served with strawberries, stone fruit salsa, flaked almonds and passion fruit
  • Heaps Healthy (ask for Vegan):  Hummus stuffed piquilos peppers, house pickles, alfalfa, spices, lemon and EVO
  • The First Frost (ask for Vegan):  Roast field mushroom topped with sauteed wild mushrooms, rosemary, thyme & garlic on multigrain toast with zucchini ribbons, alfalfa & lemon
  • Lil Italy (ask for Vegan):  Confit garilc smashed into multigrain toast with lightly pickled hairloom cherry tomatoes, torn basil and garlic chips


  • Stoners Delight (always Vegan):  Caramelised stone fruit, heirloom tomatoes, collard greens, spanish onion, fresh corn, charred bread, cervil & cashew cream
  • Rainbow Salad (ask for Vegan):  Cherry tomatoes, red grapes, quinoa, corn, pepitas, basil, onion, spinach and pink goddess dressing