It took way too long for me to come round to Veganism! In 2012 I finally clicked after being vegetarian on and off since I was 14- and I haven’t looked back since. I was lucky then to have the opportunity to live on an animal sanctuary for the next 2 years, learning about and getting to know animals whom we call livestock- realising their individual, sensitive and hilarious personalities. For me having that contact with them and caring for them brought home all the realities of animal agriculture and the real suffering animals go through because of it. It’s unnecessary and it’s happening every day. To decide to not participate in contributing to that suffering, and in turn help to promote cruelty-free living, has liberated me more than I could have ever fathomed! I hope through being a part of VeganACT I can help spread the good vibes by ever learning and developing greater means of communicating and sharing the animal’s stories, in positive and lasting ways.