Written by Karen Bevis, Kindred Spirits House Sit or Swap

Kindred Spirits House Sit or SwapWe are looking for the support of the veg*n community to help get this project up and running. There will be a function on the website to be able to specify ‘vegan only’.  We are vegans ourselves, and very keen to support the vegan community.

Kindred Spirits House Sit or Swap is launching in mid-December 2015. This international web-based service will be the first house sit or house swap website specifically for vegans and vegetarians.Website owners, Karen and Chris, are long-term vegans based in Tasmania, who understand how important it is for ethical vegans and vegetarians to know that their companion animals are well cared for while they are away from home, and that their kitchen is not used to prepare non-vegetarian foods.“We have always struggled to find other vegans or vegetarians to mind our home and our precious companions while we are away” said Karen, “so we have had less holidays as a family than we would like to. We need to trust that who stays in our home shares our ethics, and will provide good care for our small menagerie of rescued non-humans. We have created this service as we know this is an issue for others in a similar situation.”Site users will be able to browse listings of house sitters, listings of properties requiring a house sitter, and properties available for house swaps. Once site users register and become a member, they will be able create their own listings and make contact with other members to arrange house sits or swaps. Registration for a 12 month membership will be free for a time while the number of listings on the site builds and an active community of like-minded people is created.You can sign up for the E-News now at www.kindredspiritshouse.com. Start planning that holiday!

About House Sitting and House SwappingHouse swapping is a great way to explore your own country or the world! Accommodation is free, giving you spare cash to do extra activities on your holiday, and you can self cater with all the comforts of home, in a kitchen where no animals have been cooked and there are no nasty smells or surprises in the fridge! You can swap notes with your house swap partner on where to find great vego eats in the local area.House sitting is a fantastic way to save money on accommodation while travelling, or while saving money to buy your own home. House sitters provide their services for free, looking after a home while the owner is away, providing care, walks and cuddles for any non-human residents too.Having a house sitter in your home provides peace of mind while you take a well-earned break, and having your companions cared for at home is much less stress for them than using a kennel or a cattery – and it is free too!

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