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Suggested resources for animal activism & advocacy in the ACT

This list was put together for those who attended the Vegan ACT Practical Advocacy Workshop but are applicable to everyone wanting to be a voice for the animals.  Our aim in presenting the workshop, was to give people the tools to become a more confident advocate for the animals. By exploring ideas pertinent to animal activism and delving into the wide world of vegan outreach methods, we hope attendees feel more equipped to take on the types of advocacy that appeal to you.  Remember, local organisations always love volunteers and new ideas, so never be afraid to reach out & gain some great experiences with like-minded people.

Get started!
For whatever type of advocacy or activism you’ve got in mind, there’s nothing quite so educational as having a go! So, either get out there and give it a shot or get in touch with one of your local organisations for
guidance or help (especially if it’s a little more complex).

Featured Organisations


  • Vegan Advocacy by Casey Taft:  Taft is a psychologist and has utilised his knowledge applying it to advocacy. Easy to read with real life scenarios.
  • The Sexual Politics of Meat by.Carol Adams:  ‘The Sexual Politics of Meat shows how a process of objectification, fragmentation, and consumption enables the oppression of animals so that animals are rendered being-less through technology, language, and cultural representation.’
  • Aftershock by Pattrice Jones:  An invaluable book. ‘Aftershock explores the culture of trauma that people have created through our violent exploitation of the Earth, other animals, and one another’
  • Animals and Ethics by Angus Taylor: ‘Can animals be regarded as part of the moral community? To what extent, if at all, do they have moral rights? Are we wrong to eat them, hunt them, or use them for scientific research? Can animal liberation be squared with the environmental movement? Taylor traces the background of these debates from Aristotle to Darwin and sets out the views of numerous contemporary philosophers’
  • Change of Heart by Nick Cooney
  • Veganomics by Nick Cooney
  • Empty Cages by Tom Regan
  • Striking At the Roots by Mark Hawthorne
  • But You Kill Ants by John Waddell
  • The Life Long Activist by Hillary Rettig
  • Strategic Action for Animals by Melanie Joy

Many books on vegan activism can be found online, at Harry Hartog Woden & can be borrowed from Jen at


A Bird They Called Dinner TEDx talk by Bede Carmody (on You Tube)


Thank you!
Good luck!
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