Imagine being forcibly removed from your home, and loaded onto a large ship. The voyage is torture. What will happen to you once you arrive? No one knows.  Now imagine doing this all while pregnant.

Every year, the Australian dairy industry sends over 90,000 dairy cows and heifers alive to foreign countries. Unlike most animals who are slaughtered for their meat, these live export victims are sent to be used for their milk and to grow foreign dairy herds.  Even though they are exposed to the same risks and suffering as animals exported live for slaughter, animals who are exported for breeding are excluded even from the most basic live export standards once they reach their destination.

This is the dairy ‘legal loophole’.  Once these sentient creatures disembark from a live export vessel, they have zero protection under Australian law.  What’s more, a dairy cow can suffer throughout this whole process while pregnant, with no legal protection and an uncertain future awaiting her and her calf overseas.  The Government says it is too hard to protect these animals. We say it’s time to end the live export trade in dairy cows.

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