Aussie Farms RepositoryThe Aussie Farms Repository is a public repository/gallery for videos, photos, documents and campaign materials (fliers, posters, etc); a knowledgebase; and a centre for innovative and creative tools, relating to the animal rights movement in Australia. We believe that between all of us, we have tonnes of visual evidence of animal cruelty and exploitation, a lot of which might just be gathering dust because it doesn’t fit any particular campaigns, or otherwise isn’t getting out there to the public who need to see it.

The Repository aims to bring all of this evidence together so that we can all freely view, share, and use it in our efforts towards a common goal. Any time an individual or organisation wants to raise awareness about a particular issue, they’ll be able to find the most recent and most relevant evidence or materials, and because it’s a 100% Australian project, the myth that “it doesn’t happen here” will be well and truly defeated.

Any group or individual who obtains evidence will have a nationwide distribution platform that will allow them to achieve the greatest reach for their findings, in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

The Repository will not take credit for any published items, and takes security and anonymity very seriously. Anyone who wishes to upload items can do so without providing their name or other contact details; when creating a profile, you can choose to have an anonymous username, or your real individual name, or the name of the organisation you are representing. Any sensitive data you do provide is automatically encrypted before being stored in our secure database. No IP addresses or access logs are stored.

Anything that gets uploaded, unless it comes from a reputable organisation such as the various Animal Liberation groups, will be screened by the Aussie Farms Repository team before being published to ensure nothing malicious, deceptive or irrelevant slips through the cracks.

We believe that it is possible to end commercialised animal exploitation in Australia – but only by working together, sharing our work, and leaving no stone unturned.