THANK YOU to Sia, Fiona, Emma, Nicole, Claire, Rowena, Andrew and committee members Kane, Dieter, Jyoti, Gareth and Michelle for helping with the Vegan ACT stall at the incredible Living Green Festival and thanks to everyone who paid our stall a visit- it was a wonderful day as always. Big thanks to the organisers Jess, Tara and Tracey too!

Our stall reached lots of people that are curious about or considering becoming vegan, we had lots of good conversations with people about various issues around veganism and met many of the great members of our vegan community.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED We also had almost 20 vegan-curious people or new vegans sign up to our 30 Day Go Vegan Challenge – this provides a daily email full of tips, info and access to a personal Mentor.
That’s where *you* come in…

As a Mentor you can become as involved as you like, from answering queries and providing support and tips via email. Or go all out, if that’s what you and your mentee desire, think trips to the grocery store for handy hints or lunch at Sweet Bones to scout out new treats. It’s up to you!

If you would like to be a friendly person to turn to for these brave new vegans please email Michelle via