Smiths Alternative Cafe & Bar, Civic (New mostly-Vegan menu!)

Smiths Alternative

Original Post by Sarah Michelle Thomson

Attention lovely vegans!! Smiths is proud to present our MENU!! 90% (roughly.. I’m no mathematician) vegan and 100% delicious 😊 can’t wait to meet more of you guys and help you enjoy the tasty tasty goodness! ❤️

Original Post By Erin McKay, Manager, Smith’s Alternative Cafe and Bar

Hi everyone! If you haven’t already, you should come by Smiths Alternative, we are baking in the cafe, and have LOTS of vegan goodies! 🙂 we use Bonsoy in our coffees, and are looking for any and all criticisms and advice on what you’re looking for 🙂 we’re open 7am til late, so come check us out! xo

At the moment we’ve got wraps and sandwiches, I use nuttelex, and we will be working on expanding a bit more, but it’s mostly baked goods.  The chocolate tart in the top right is gluten free as well as vegan :).Smiths Alternative

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