Why go Vegan?


As one of our members put it:  “For every reason under the sun!” including:

What does Vegan mean?

The term vegan is used to describe a person who, as far as possible, does not eat or use any animal products. Vegans do not eat animal flesh (meat, poultry, fish, seafood), dairy (milk, butter, cheese), eggs, honey or animal by-products (such as gelatine, animal-derived colouring and flavouring, rennet).

Vegans avoid wearing animal products (such as leather, wool, silk and fur) and using household and cosmetic products that contain animal derivatives or have been subject to animal testing.

Vegans also avoids participating in entertainment and sporting activities which involve animal use (such as circuses, and horse and dog racing) and oppose animal experimentation in research.

Isn’t being vegetarian enough?

A vegetarian is a person who does not eat meat (including fish) but who may eat animal products such as dairy and eggs, and wear animal products such as leather and wool. Many people start out as vegetarian, before going vegan.

While vegetarianism is a positive step towards improved health and the alleviation of some animal suffering, there is immense cruelty and suffering involved in the dairy and egg industries, and in the production of leather and wool.  You can learn more about that here.

The exclusion of all animal products and by-products from one’s diet and lifestyle is important to eliminating suffering and living a more compassionate lifestyle. That is why Vegan ACT actively encourages and supports people to adopt a wholly plant-based diet and vegan lifestyle.

‘Someone’ Animal Rights Song by Local Artist

by Rowena

When I heard about the UC Vision Song Contest, I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be something if ‘Someone’ could raise awareness and plant seeds of compassion?’ This is what I came up with: https://youtu.be/SV24bBRpjxc  Hope you like it! (literally and on youtube 😀 ).  See below the video for the lyrics and PAQ.

Lyrics to ‘Someone’ by Rowena:

There’s someone close to you
All curled up and sleeping.
When they pass away,
There will be so much weeping.
You’d do anything to make sure they were never harmed
While billions so like them are killed, tested on and farmed.

Who decided who could live and who would die?
Someone to adore or just someone to deny?

There’s someone in this fridge,
There’s someone in that freezer
And there’re countless other selves
Who never made it to the shelves.
Each someone who wanted a long and happy life
All hope of that dashed by an awful bloodied knife.

Who decided who to breed and when they’d die?
There’s simply no excuse for making fellow creatures cry.

There’s something in those products
Meant for someone’s stolen baby.
When our mother’s milk dried up
Surely not just maybe
It was time to grow up and let nature take its course
For we can find all our food from cruelty-free source.

Who decided how they’d live and how they’d die?
Let’s stop the industries from selling us their lies.

There’s just enough water and plants grown
To sustain our kind directly
Yet, while our population grows,
It’s fed to livestock on death row.
Those who say “I don’t care ’cause people come first!”
Are in fact creating human hunger and thirst.

Who decided who to feed and why they’d die?
We need to right the wrongs if we’re to hold our heads up high.

Who’s deciding who will live and who will die?
It’s up to you and me in what we do and what we buy.
It’s up to you and me in what we do and what we buy.

PAQ – Potentially Asked Questions

  • Where can I read more about the issues raised?  All over the web! but this is my favourite booklet:   http://whyveg.com/ref/
  • What recent films can I watch to find out more? There is Lucent (2014) for the animals, Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (2014) for the environment, and Forks Over Knives (2011) for health.
  • What’s your hair doing? It’s like me. It does its own thing :). I did do another take where my hair was much more cooperative but this one sounded slightly better. Music wins over vanity :).
  • Why did you make this video? For the animals. The UC Vision Song Contest required a video clearly showing the performer. So here it is :).

Wha Me Eat? (Song)

Added by Rowena

Joyful anthem about all the wonderful variety of ingredients that Vegans eat :).