Donate to replace equipment seized by Police from Animal Activist, Dori Kiss

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A message from Dori Kiss:

My name is Dori Kiss and I am an Animal Rights Advocate.
Back in June 2015, I received a call from police saying they were about to execute a search warrant on my home. I rushed home, where my two little frightened dogs were, to find approx. a dozen police officers, including the riot squad, and was informed my home will be searched in relation to complaints from pig farmers.
During this search, police went through every inch of my home and seized a number of items including my laptop, mobile phones, navigation systems, cameras and  other computer related equipment all of which I need in my day to day life for which I do not have the money to replace.
I am now facing charges which could result in jail time for allegedly helping expose the horrendous cruelty that animals suffer  when they are born into ‘food production’ farms.
Your donations will help me replace the equipment that was seized by the police, help me pay for transport and accomodation when I attend court to face these charges during hearings that are 4 hrs drive from my home and for babysitting costs for my two little dogs when I am in court.
Any donation, no matter how big or small would be greatly appreciated by myself and my two fur babies, Honey and Mindy. I am not one to ask for money, but at this stage, I have no other choice.
Thank you and please remember, compassion is not a crime.

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