Event Notification

If you would like to notify us of an event, please email website@veganact.org.au with this information:
Name of Event (including date):  eg. ‘Vegan ACT Committee Meeting (Open to All) – Tuesday, 1 July 2014’
When: (Please use this format: 7:00pm, Saturday, 28 June 2014)
Where: (eg. ANU Food Co-op, Kingsley Street, Acton ACT)
Description of the event:
Cost:  (eg. ‘Free’ or ‘Adults $20, Children $10’)
RSVP:  (eg. email address, facebook or website address)
Attach an image to make the event stand out (preferably no larger than 2mb)

How do I create my own event?:

Just think of something with a Vegan theme that you’d like to do and decide on a date and time.  Then submit your information above and we will publicise it for you! Then all you need to do is respond in a friendly way to anyone who RSVPs.

Some suggestions:  A restaurant meal in the day or evening, a breakfast get-together, a walk, a picnic, a bike-ride, a potluck in your home or a talk.  This is your society – let’s enjoy creating some fun times together :).  If you’ve never organised something before, don’t be afraid!  We’re happy to help if you’re not quite sure what to do.  Please think of coming along to our committee meetings – this is a good way to get more involved and to see how it all works.

We also encourage you to RSVP if you intend on coming to an event, as this is a great help to the organiser and for catering purposes, and means we can contact you with any changes.