What is Vegan ACT?

Vegan ACT (formerly The ACT Vegan and Vegetarian Society) is a not-for-profit, community group that promotes a vegan lifestyle within Australia and particularly the ACT.  We welcome:  Vegans, vegetarians and other people who are wishing to learn about and live a compassionate lifestyle.

Here is a run-down of the things we’ve done since 2012:

Information Events

  • Organised Will Tuttle’s ‘World Peace Diet’ talk in Canberra and provided delicious Vegan food
  • Organised ‘Running Raw’ talk and raw Vegan meal at Sweet Bones
  • Co-organised film screening and discussion of ‘Peaceable Kingdom’ with the ANU Students Housing Cooperative and provided a free Vegan meal for participants
  • Promoted Dr Melanie Joy’s talk ‘Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows’ online and on the street
  • Held ‘Veganic Gardening’ workshops


  • Held a Vegan pizza and drumming workshop
  • Set up a Vegan barbeque at Climate Action Canberra Solar event
  • Provided free Vegan food and information at Anzac Peace Vigil
  • Cooperated with AnimalACTivism Collective in doing outreach activities
  • Committee members participated in non-violent direct action training with 350.org and the Conservation Council ACT Region Symposium ‘Being an Effective Voice for the Environment’
  • Leafleted and participated at various protests including: Anti-Live Animal Export Rally and National Day of Climate Action, Free the Refugees and Animal Liberation ACT’s Kangaroo Cull Protest at the Legislative Assembly


  • Ran Vegan information stalls at various places including: The Old Bus Depot Markets, Living Green Festival, Art Not Apart Festival and the Conservation Council’s Symposium.
  • Raised funds though Vegan bake sales to sponsor Living Green Festival
  • Attended a number of events to network and build constructive working relationships with environmental groups with a view to raising awareness about the impact of the animal and animal-product industries on global warming


  • Had Little Chickens Vegan Mamabakes, Playgroups and get-togethers
  • Held a number of Vegan picnics, potlucks and a bike ride
  • Hosted Vegan restaurant meals and café events at a number of venues

Online Presence:

  • Begun asking food businesses around Canberra what they have to offer our members and setting up working list of these for new website
  • Built new website to meet the needs of our members and promote Veganism
  • Alerted people to the many Vegan-related events happening around Canberra through our weekly updates and quarterly newsletter
  • Offered an additional space to promote events on our facebook group which also provides an interactive space for local people to connect, share, make friends and provide useful educational information.

Many thanks to all who organised, got involved and made it all possible! Special thanks go to: Jyoti, Rowena, Jacky, Michelle, Gareth, Sara, Clayton, Elena, Natasha, Mark, Tracey, Francine, Maryanne, Emma, Lisa, Yan, Dieter, Amanda, Kai, Joanne, Gemmie, Anita, Lara, Kate, Clare, Carolyn, Rick, Emily, Dahlia and co! And we look forward to having many more of you on board in the coming year to help make a kinder Canberra! 🙂

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