VegucatedWritten by Michelle

Thanks to everybody who came along for the screening of Vegucated on Sunday, 19 July 2015.  We hope you enjoyed the experience! It was the first of many screenings Vegan ACT have in store.

Vegucated is a great introduction to many of the ideas associated with veganism, the realities of animal agriculture and presented in a way which is personable and non-threatening and assumes no former knowledge of the issues. We hope those who came along feel it is a good film to share in future with others curious about veganism.

Vegan ACT will be hosting a wide range of thought provoking films with a vegan message in the coming months. We hope these movies will help to empower all of us with the knowledge and confidence to be day-to-day vegan advocates. We also hope the screenings will provide an opportunity to introduce veganism and all of the issues that come with it, to people in our lives, in a non-confrontational way which also highlights the great, supportive community we’re all a part of here in Canberra. And also cheap delicious food. 🙂

We would love to hear your suggestions for films to show, so please comment or email anytime!

These screenings can be costly as we are always sure to pay any licensing associated with specific films and have had to acquire equipment to be able to hold the screenings.  Therefore, we ask a gold coin donation at the door, and make our food although inexpensive, completely irresistible.

Thanks to everybody for being patient with our rookie mistakes on the day, but we will more than make up for it next time! 😉

A special thanks to Carolyn Carro, KatAstrophe, Nicole Godwin, Adrian Muscat and committee members Tracey Lofthouse, Jyoti Dambiec, Dharma Deva, Gareth (and me!) for their invaluable contributions on the day.