TVP BurgersOriginal Post by Alex-Justin Max-Emmett Arnold

This old fashioned V-dapted rissole recipe changes everytime we make them sometimes there is chickpeas instead of Lentils and sometime potato, peas, carrot etc instead of corn and sometimes its just TVP. It’s just a

1. Soak Lentils in hot water 2hrs, Soak TVP in hot water 15 minutes
2. Mix one cup of soaked TVP with 1\2 cup soaked Lentils and 1\2 cup of canned corn
3. Mix TVP/Lentil/Corn mix with self-raising flour and one tablespoon of egg-replacer per cup soaked mix
4. Need cut out mix and roll into shape
5. Heat oil on high tempeture for 2-5 minutes with pepper and ginger cook turn and finish off with a dash if rice wine vinegar and soy sauce.
6. Eat with a salad in a burger  roll or serve with vegies and tomato sauce