Tracey Lofthouse (Newsletter)

I went vegan in May 2008 and prior to that was vegetarian for 16 years.  I just love being vegan and only wish I’d done it much sooner. As a vegetarian I thought I was doing the best I could for the victims of agribusiness but once I found out about the dairy and egg industries I realised the truth. Now, the sense of community with like-minded people and the connection with all beings is indescribably wonderful. I’ve tried many delightful new foods and had a lot of great experiences with lovely people since becoming vegan. Being vegan is easy, but getting easier all the time and I love to help support new vegans in learning, and experimenting with recipes.

I love the fact that my life choices do not support a cruel and oppressive culture of breeding non-humans for exploitation by humans, and as a bonus my choices are far better for the environment. My health is great as well, but for me the animal rights and anti-cruelty stance is paramount.

I enjoy singing, martial arts, travelling and spending time in nature and hanging out with friends. I co-founded and continue to help organise Canberra’s own vegan festival, the Living Green Festival, held in Canberra every October.