Voiceless 2016

By Michelle

Thank you everybody who was a part of Today I Am Voiceless across the country and the world, and thanks to everybody that was part of our day of outreach for Today I Am Voiceless in Canberra!

The ACT TIAV team reached dozens of people with our flyers challenging recipients to consider a vegan lifestyle, and showed around 10 brave people the short film 1000 Eyes which stands as evidence of the horrors of the Australian animal agriculture.

Shout out to Sia Brook, Laila El Ayadi, Elle Fant, Kane Elson, Rowena Ve Gan, Gareth Ballard and Michelle Isobel for making the day such a success!

Thanks to James Aspey Activism for the basis of the event, Aussie Farms for the use of the video 1000 Eyes which is brilliant at conveying the standard practices within Australian farming. https://vimeo.com/130694373

And also thanks to Animal Liberation Victoria and Vegan ACT for the donation of flyers for the event.

If you would like to participate in vegan activism in the ACT, please follow the Vegan ACT Facebook page and group and sign up to our email update!