Tempeh and Cashew Cheese Making WorkshopWritten by Jyoti Dambiec

In this 2 hour class, I took attendees through the steps to be able to begin their own cooking journey with these Tempeh, Cashew Cheese and Rejuvelac.

About Me:  I am an experienced cook and teacher and at one time in the distant past was training as a chef. I have cooked professionally and over the years have regularly cooked for large numbers of people and I love to share my experience and enthusiasm for vegan food with others. I was vegetarian for 29 years and vegan for the last 3 or so.

My other love is organic gardening which I’ve been doing most of my life and more recently I’ve been gardening without the use of animal manures.

Another love, and passion for my whole adult life is clay. I have worked as a ceramic artist for the last 35 years, including teaching art/pottery at Orana Steiner school for 7 years.

My ceramic teaching days have ended and now I’m free to share my cooking experience with you all from time to time.  I hope to do more cooking classes this year if time permits.

Please feel free to contact me via email activism@veganact.org.au

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Pictures of previous workshops are below: