Silo Bakery ShopfrontInformation sourced by Michelle and Gareth

36 Giles street Kingston ACT 2604

Tues to Sat 7am to 4pm

Breakfast:  ‘Vegan breakfast‘ (Gluten Free): tomato, avocado & rocket salad with a cashew hummus on a nutbread for breakfast.

Lunch: ‘Three crostini’:  A tapenade, grilled capsicum & caper salad, braised zucchini on three toasted baguette slices brushed with olive oil.  The baguette can be substituted with nutbread to be gluten-free.

There is also a grilled vegetable filled roll containing a basil sauce without any cheese as an alternative or takeaway lunch.

Sides:  ‘Mesclun salad’

Adjusting existing menu items:  Ask for vegan pizza option.

Ask staff to tell you Vegan items on menu.

Please write to or leave a comment if you want to add any information :).