Sign petition against petting zoo at Groovin the Moo

A music festival is not an appropriate environment for a petting zoo. Animals should not be forcibly subjected to loud music, drunk people and large crowds.

Completely unethical and unnecessary to include this kind of animal abuse in a day that’s supposed to be about music.

Please sign!:



Some comments posted so far by Vegan ACT members:

Katinka:  Most petting zoo animals are very young and have been prematurely taken away from their mothers, purely to provide entertainment for people – this is simply not fair on either the mothers nor their babies. Frightened and often in various states of distress, these young animals are denied their normal socialisation and developmental processes. Animals are disposed of (typically sent to slaughter) when they are no longer young enough to be attractive to customers.

Michelle:  Animals are not toys. Infant animals are put under terrible stress when in “petting zoo” situations, and are separated from their mothers for profit.
These animals customers cuddle and coo over are then killed when they are no longer “cute” enough to be exploited in this way. Have some compassion and common sense Groovin the Moo.

Tracey:  What has a petting zoo got to do with music? These baby animals should be with their families, not surrounded by terrifying loud noises and boisterous humans. It will be extremely frightening for them and is totally unnecessary.


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