Golden Gaytime Cake by Rainbow Nourishments
Here’s a cake that I made for a lovely girl’s 17th birthday. It’s a GOLDEN GAYTIME CAKE! The base of the cake is chocolate caramel and the cheesecake layers are vanilla bean, cacao and golden caramel. The cake is then topped with a chocolate caramel ‘icing’, homemade chocolate and date tahini caramel and dehydrated cookie crumbs.

Rainbow Nourishments provides bespoke beautiful and colourful raw treats to the local Canberra community including businesses and individual customers upon request. Our cakes and slices are 100% vegan, mostly raw, gluten free, free from refined sugar and unnatural colouring.

Anthea is the colourful soul behind Rainbow Nourishments. She has been a vegan food blogger for a few years and shares nourishing vegan recipes with people online. She is currently finalising her ebook where she will share some of her cake business’s most popular recipes.

Anthea’s cakes and food blog creations have appeared on the front pages of local and international media. However, her main mission remains which is to help people learn to nourish themselves through healthy food and self-compassion.

If you are located in Canberra, you can find Rainbow Nourishments’ raw treats at As Nature Intended at the Belconnen Markets and Lazy Mays in Tuggeranong.

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