Flying FoxesGustavo Adolfo Araya, Original Post 6 May 2016

When bats are dispersed and they have infants, mothers will try to save their young and many fall along the way.

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20% of the complete fruit bat population faces dispersion and decimation because vocal members of the Bateman’s community feel inconvenienced. They have demanded their council to push for relocation and will be pushing their views again on the 16th in Bateman’s bay soldiers hall. No relocation effort has been successful except for one where the bats moved a few hundred meters. None of them have been good for the endangered flying foxes population. Make a stand. Help the flying foxes and let the few loud voices in the community know Australia is watching.

This petition is to Ministers Hunt, Speakman, Constance, and Councillor Brown to decisively end the persecution of the native flying fox colony in Bateman’s Bay, and ensure that they are protected in accordance with Federal law due to their status as a Protected Species on the road to extinction.

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