Pâtissez in Civic and Manuka (Vegan-Friendly)

Patissez Civic

By Lisa Green

Locations:  40 Marcus Clarke St, Civic and 21 Bougainville St, Manuka

Home of the freakshake, Pâtissez has two cafes, with the newer outlet in Civic having a few vegan options. The Civic menu changes seasonally, with the current vegan burger a grilled field mushroom, crispy spiced chickpea, corn & cumin patty, smashed avocado, fresh rocket, tomato, Spanish onion, housemade hummus & vegan basil aioli. Served with fries. It’s a delicious, but packed, burger. The staff are happy to discuss menu modifications and sometimes specials, such as the roasted mushrooms can be vegan.

However, the main reason to go here is to try a freakshake. The first Vegan Freak was a concoction of coconut gelato blitzed with lychees & a dash of almond milk in a jar drizzled in raspberry coulis then topped with vanilla bean coconut mousse & finished with a coconut, lychee & raspberry semifredo popslide. The popslide in particular was delicious. The current Vegan Freak is a chai spiced almond milk & soy ice cream shake with drapes & drapes of gooey Medjool date caramel topped with cacao coconut mousse & a crunchy nougatine cone. So good.  You can see it here:  https://veganact.org.au/vegan-freak-shake-at-patissez/




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