padthaiAdded by Rowena

Dr McDougall’s Right Foods have a large range of Organic, Vegan Soups which are very light to carry to work and quick to prepare.

The ones I have seen Supabarn selling are: Teriyaki Noodle, Pad Thai Noodle, Pad Thai Noodle Soup (Gluten Free), Tortilla Soup, Spicy Kung Pao Noodle, Miso Ramen, Chicken (Flavour) Ramen, Light Sodium Chicken (Flavour) Noodle Soup, Light Sodium Lentil CousCous, Light Sodium Tomato Basil Pasta Soup. They are all worth a try to see which ones you like best. I have gone through phases. Firstly I liked the Tortilla Soup, Then Pad Thai Noodle Soup and now I like Teriyaki Noodle Soup the best.

Dr McDougall’s full range is listed here: