Little Oak Winter Is Coming

Chilly nights and Frosty mornings signal the start of Winter at Little Oak!

Only a few days “officially” into winter and overnight temperatures are already reaching close to minus 10 degrees!  Thursday 4th June saw overnight temps dip to -8.5C degrees – enough that all of our horse residents had frosticles on their whiskers!

We are so grateful and glad that we were able to erect shelters for all of our residents before this cold set in, and we continue to work on providing the highest level of care possible for the animals we provide sanctuary for.  We value these guys as the amazing individuals they are, and want to provide them the best possible conditions to allow them to express themselves.

If you’d like to contribute towards our Shelter campaign, it is running until early July, and you can donate here!  If 1000 people donated $25 each, we’d meet our target – so please donate to our chuffed campaign and share share share!

Note from Rowena:  While you are donating, you can listen to this beautifully joyful and aptly named tune which was released in January and seems as if it were written for the sanctuary!