Let's Be Natural, Mawson

Let’s Be Natural:  I just want to let you all know about our new store in Southlands Mawson. We have heaps of great vegan foods and vegan skincare and makeup. We try to focus on things that are healthy, sustainable, fair trade and as local as possible. We also have a great bulk foods section where you can bring your own container and cut out the packaging, with 10% off the second Saturday of each month if you do.

Sonja Barfoed:  The giantest health-food shop! Their display of bring-your-own-container goods is overwhelming. Lovely vibe and they have the easiest discount club, it’s an automatic percentage off every visit, you don’t have to remember anything. I think there have been yoga classes in the past as it’s such a big space, and beauty treatments are also available.  Parking: Free (specific time limits), very close.  Closest gallery: Mawson Gallery

Our website is www.letsbenatural.com.au