Goodbye Blue Locks Fundraiser for Little Oak Sanctuary

Help Samantha help those who cannot help themselves.

Help Samantha give back to an amazing sanctuary.

Help Samantha say goodbye to her blue locks!

As some of y’all might know, Samantha is very fond of all creatures, and she works each day to make some of their lives a little better, but she wants to do MORE!

You may be quite aware of the daily lives of cats and dogs, but what of the others? Samantha has found a beautiful sanctuary called “Little Oak Sanctuary” who do amazing work, and she would like to help them as much as she possibly can.

So here’s the sitch:

Samantha endeavours to raise $3000 for Little Oak Sanctuary, and if she is successful, will shave these blue locks right off!
Now, this means that the length of her hair will be removed, leaving her with about a #2!
The highest bidder (so the person who makes the largest donation) will get the honour of holding the clippers and doing the deed!
Please check out to see the wonderful job these guys are doing, and why I’ve chosen them to dedicate this campaign to!
And if you feel so inclined..

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