Screening ‘Eating You Alive’ & Vegan Meal by Vegan Healthy Living – Friday, 23 June 2017

Join Vegan Healthy Living for the screening of ‘Eating You Alive – One bite at a time’. A delicious Vegan meal, desserts, snacks and hot teas will be provided by Canberra Magic Kitchen.

COST: $22 all inclusive
NB: Email RSVP is essential. Please email Antonia : to confirm your attendance. (facebk rsvps are so fickle, so this is needed for catering).

Eating You Alive is a comprehensive look into why we are so sick, who is profiting and who is taking the “hit”. It brings together evidence based science, expert testimony and inspirational stories of people who have reversed disease and discovered the truth about how a Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle can address and solve some of our world’s most current crisis. Take the journey with physicians, celebrities and “the neighbour next door” as science and experience lead the way to a very personal, sustainable and transformational change, one bite at a time.

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