Darren's Pumpkin Bread By Darren Cutrupi, Original Post: 15 May 2016

I had a crack at making some Pumpkin Bread.

Hellllllll-ooooooo lover 😋😍😋😍!!!

If you want to have a go yourself here’s what I did.

(WARNING – Your house will smell delicious!)

Steam 500g of pumpkin, mash then add to two cups of sifted self raising flour, two teaspoons of egg replacer, half a cup of any non-dairy milk, two teaspoons of dry rosemary, salt and pepper. Sprinkle fresh rosemary sprigs and pumpkin seeds on top.

Cook at 180 for 40 minutes.


Lily Fairhall:  If you replace the rosemary with nutmeg and cinnamon and add some dates (or sugar) for a little bit of sweetness it’s delicious as a dessert! (I’ve made something similar before)

Darren Cutrupi: Would make yummy sweet muffins Lily 😋 Thank you.