But You Kill Ants (Book) by John Waddell – $17

But You Kill Ants (Book)
But You Kill Ants (Book)
Latest edition. Coffee and crockery not included :).

Blurb:  “If you are vegetarian, vegan, an animal rights supporter or considering making the change, this book gives you concise and simple answers to 100 questions and objections you can expect to encounter.”  Click here for a sneak peek.

When asked how the book came to be, John Waddell said, “I saw a need for it. I was finding there were so many varied questions being asked about veganism and the vegan lifestyle. Sometimes I just didn’t know the answer and other times, about half an hour after the person had left I’d say to myself, “I wish I had said such and such”. I thought to myself: “Why doesn’t somebody write a book giving as many answers as possible to veganism in one hit?” The answer arrived immediately. That ‘somebody’ should be me. If I feel I need it, maybe others feel the same way too.”

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