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Vegans Are Cool (Book)
Vegans Are Cool (Book)

Vegans Are Cool: A delicious collection of essays, interviews and articles by cool vegans from around the planet has launched!

The book is a collection of writings by the global vegan community. This collaborative project showcases the knowledge, creativity and heart of individuals from a diversity of races, cultures and backgrounds who share one thing in common: they are all living the healthy, environmentally friendly vegan lifestyle.

Vegans Are Cool shatters many myths surrounding the vegan lifestyle and presents a realistic picture of what life is like living the vegan way.

Vegans Are Cool covers the following topics:

  • What does being “vegan” actually mean?
  • From Carnivore to Vegan – a how-to guide
  • Questions about iron, B12, protein and vegan nutrition answered
  • Being a Vegan Man
  • Interviews with vegan veterinarians
  • Articles by vegan naturopaths
  • Cruelty Free Fashion – Vegan Fashion Essentials
  • Interviews with vegan children and vegan teenagers and vegan parents
  • Vegan athletes  give their top fitness tips
  • Vegan scientists talk about the connection between the environment and our food choices
  • Weight loss and the vegan diet
  • Vegan recipes

…plus much more!

This is the book to give someone with all the usual questions about going vegan successfully. This is the vegan how-to guide that you can share with your friends and family to show them that going vegan is the way to go!


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