Notzarella Pizza Cheese


Notzarella is specifically designed for pizzas.

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In the ACT, Notzarella is always or often available at:

Notzarella can also be found at Il Pranzo Cafe in Mossvale, NSW who we thank for the image and for expanding their range of Vegan goodies! :).

Vego Whole Hazelnut Fair-Trade Organic Chocolate Bars

Vego Whole Hazelnut Fair Trade Organci Chocolate BarsFrom Vego:  VegoBar is a giant chocolate bar. An entire 150 grams of pure flavour!  We only use exclusive high-quality ingredients such as fine Italian hazelnut paste, hazelnut cocoa cream and whole hazelnuts that we blend together in a unique process to create your “Vego Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar”.  The Vegobar is probably the tastiest chocolate bar in the world, vegan, organic, fairtrade and gluten-free. What more could you ask
for? 😉

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Available from:  As Nature Intended and The Greenway Organic

The Greenway Organic, Tuggeranong – 10% Discount for Vegan ACT Cardholders!

Greenway-1by Kate

The Greenway Organic downstairs in the Tuggeranong Hyperdome has many new vegan products including Gardein, Vegusto and Bio Cheese, Tofurky sausages, Primal Strips (vegan jerky), Vego Chocolate Bars,  Funky pies, frozen pizza and ravioli to name a few.  They are open to new suggestions and seem committed to getting new products in from all over the world.

Location:  Shop 18, Tuggeranong Hyperdome. (Ground floor, across from the newsagency, Hero Sushi and chemist)

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Sonja Barfoed:  Interesting ingredients, staples like nutritional yeast and dairy-free ice-cream. Lots of dry goods for dietary requirements e.g. celiacs, as well as frozen food and a wide range of chocolate bars. They get new products in a lot, but it can be worthwhile to phone to check that what you need is in stock.  Parking: Free (Don’t park at Homeworld as it’s very expensive, usually Hyperdome is best as you can get a few hours free), relatively close. Or nearby on-street parking near the restaurant strip exit.  Closest gallery: Tuggeranong Arts Centre

Texas BBQ Primal Strips – Primal Spirit Foods

Texas BBQ Primal StripSuggested by Rowena

Primal Spirit Foods say: “Our Primal Strips are the favourite of protein hungry bikers, climbers, and outdoors people. Kids love them in their lunch boxes and as mid-day snacks. Primal Strips- Best tasting, best textured, meatless jerky at the lowest single-serve price on the market.”

I like the Texas BBQ flavour the best as it has a very nice taste and aroma. They also come in Thai Peanut, Teriyaki, Hickory Smoked (very peppery), Mesquite Lime (not to my taste) and I have yet to try Hot and Spicy.

Texas BBQ Flavour Ingredients: Non-Gmo Isolated Soy Protein, Water, Unrefined Evaporated Cane Juice, Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce (Water, Non-Gmo Soybeans, Sea Salt), Vinegar, Sea Salt, Natural Smoke Flavoring, Natural Vegetarian Spices. No Msg Added.