Funky Pies available around the ACT

Funky Pies

Funky Pies is a Vegan company with a sound philosophy and delicious wares!

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In the ACT, a good selection of Funky Pies are always or often available at:

All the flavours shown in the image above can be found at Il Pranzo Cafe in Mossvale, NSW who we thank for the image and for expanding their range of Vegan goodies! :).

Sambar Rice (with vegetables and lentils) made by MTR

MTR's Sambar Rice

Contributed by Francine Horne

This is a ready to eat tasty meal for those nights when you come home too late to cook!

water, rice, onion, potato, tomato, tamarind, redgram splits, coconut, salt, sunflower oil, jaggery (sugarcane), coriander leaves, mustard, curry leaves, spices

Shops where available:  Monga Indian shop in Gungahlin (other Indian shops may stock it too)

Thai Peanut Satay Sauce Noodle Box – Wokka

wokkaAdded by Rowena

Delicious noodle box. Great for a quick meal at work or home (microwave required).  The Mi Goreng flavour is also Vegan but not as nice as the satay in my view.

Ingredients: Noodles: Wheat Flour, water, rice bran oil, salt, acidity regulators (260, 270), mineral salts (339, 500), colours (100, 160a). Sauce: water, coconut milk, peantuts, sugar, onion, soy bean oil, salt, red chili, glucose syrup, soy sauce (soy bean, salt, wheat), thickener (1422), tamarind, garlic, coriander, curry powder (turmeric, clove, fennel, cinnamon), cardamom, cumin, nutmeg, black pepper, kaffir lime peel, colour (150c).