Lily’s Vegan Kitchen (New Vegan Business in Canberra!) @ Southside Farmers Market – Discount for Vegan ACT Cardholders!


Where:  No shop location, but orders can be collected from Lyons or delivered for an extra fee. Also attends Southside Farmers Markets on Sundays (unless announced otherwise on social media accounts)

Website address:

Instagram address:

Phone Number: 0497 772 442

Discount for Vegan ACT Cardholders

FOR CATERING / PRE-ORDERS ONLY — must advise at time of ordering that they hold a Vegan ACT card

  1. 5% off all whole tarts and cakes
  2. “buy 6 get the 7th free” of any small items (can be made up of any combination of): slice of tart/cake, small tarts/cupcakes/muffins, empanadas, biscuits, etc.

Slow Beans Vegan Cuisine @ BlocHaus and Epic Markets!

Original Photo Post by Daniel Nixon

Original post by Heidi Fitt

Slow Beans Vegan Cuisine has officially launched at BlocHaus bouldering centre in Canberra! Here every Tues-Wed serving from 5.30pm.

Slow Beans also offers plant-based catering and raw treats! Coming to you soon at markets around Canberra. Follow us on the ‘gram to stay up-to-date: @slow_beans

Get your Vegan Card for discounts galore (Local Vegan Business!)

Vegan Card is an Australia-wide discount card that is owned and run by one of our own, Tracey Lofthouse. It started in 2012 with the aim of helping vegans find small vegan-friendly businesses and get access to products more easily, and help vegan and ethical businesses grow and survive against the ‘big guys’. It wrapped up in 2015, and Tracey started it up again in 2016 with the same objectives. Vegan Card has close to 45 businesses all over Australia offering discounts from 5-25% on thousands of goods and services (you can find almost anything you need), and is adding to them all the time. There are plans afoot to expand overseas.

You may remember seeing the official re-launch at the Living Green Festival in 2016. Well, the Vegan Card has been back for almost a year already and the new financial year’s Card will be available for purchase very soon! Or you can buy one now for the remainder of 16/17 at a greatly-reduced price. The Card is available all-year around, so you can buy one anytime. The price decreases every month.

In Canberra you can use your Card at The Cruelty Free Shop, As Nature Intended and Dickson Health Foods, but Tracey is in discussions with several more businesses. There are currently 25 online businesses that can deliver to pretty much anyone in Australia, and local businesses in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and various other towns and cities so you can use your Card when you travel. Like the Facebook page and keep your eye out for announcements as new businesses are added.

If you like supporting small and vegan businesses with the added bonus of getting discounts, check out the Facebook page and Website to see where you can use the Card, and how to obtain one.

If you are a vegan running your own business or know of a vegan business-owner who might be interested, please drop a line to, or message Tracey via the Facebook page.


New Canberra-Based Vegan Business: The Cacao Hub


The Cacao Hub was established in Canberra, Australia in 2016 with a mission to bring you healthy alternatives of delicious drinks and food that accommodate to those with intolerance’s, on a vegan lifestyle, or anyone that has a general concern for their health.
Above all, we believe in bringing you simple, quality, and nutritious products which is why we only use 100% organic ingredients.
We look forward to have you join our virtual Cacao Hub family.xx

Little Raw Foodie – 5% Discount on Classes and $50+ Orders for Vegan ACT Cardholders


Little Raw Foodie provides classes, workshops and delicious raw food for groups and individuals in and around Canberra and Queanbeyan.

I’m a new member of Vegan ACT and would like to offer support in the form of discounting my all Vegan products and services for fellow members. I’m happy to offer a 5% discount on all workshops and classes, and also on food orders over $50.

Kylie Sheffield
Little Raw Foodie
M: 0414 494 853

Canberra Magic Kitchen – New stew, soup and crackers business


Hi everyone…thought you would like to see my latest weekly menu.  All meals are vegan, gluten free,preservative and sugar free, in most of the cases grain free as well – hearty, homemade and tasty 🙂 if you would like to be subscribed to my weekly menu newsletter you can do the email signup  by following the link above, on my facebook page or send me your email. Thanks and happy munching everyone!

More about Canberra Magic Kitchen:

New family business offering home made fresh & frozen veggie stews, soups & crackers!  Slow cooked with seasonal, locally organic grown produce, love and magic!

When you take time to prepare the meals from basic ingredients – that moment is beginning of magic as you have the power to infuse every dish with intent and positive thoughts.And that is exactly what we do.
Our Cauldrons produce healthy and balanced meals suitable for all dietary needs.
All stews are meat free, dairy free, mostly they are gluten, grain and soy free. No sugars or preservatives of any kind added in any meals!
Serving size: 480ml or 500ml / depending on the container
Price: Pay As You Feel
Why?  We want to give you the freedom of choice and decision to pay for the service.
For us, this is a friendly win-win exchange centered on value and trust while we are building our network of mindful customers.


(Updated) Rainbow Nourishments (Raw Vegan cake business in Canberra)

Golden Gaytime Cake by Rainbow Nourishments

Here’s a cake that I made for a lovely girl’s 17th birthday. It’s a GOLDEN GAYTIME CAKE! The base of the cake is chocolate caramel and the cheesecake layers are vanilla bean, cacao and golden caramel. The cake is then topped with a chocolate caramel ‘icing’, homemade chocolate and date tahini caramel and dehydrated cookie crumbs.

Rainbow Nourishments provides bespoke beautiful and colourful raw treats to the local Canberra community including businesses and individual customers upon request. Our cakes and slices are 100% vegan, mostly raw, gluten free, free from refined sugar and unnatural colouring.

Anthea is the colourful soul behind Rainbow Nourishments. She has been a vegan food blogger for a few years and shares nourishing vegan recipes with people online. She is currently finalising her ebook where she will share some of her cake business’s most popular recipes.

Anthea’s cakes and food blog creations have appeared on the front pages of local and international media. However, her main mission remains which is to help people learn to nourish themselves through healthy food and self-compassion.

If you are located in Canberra, you can find Rainbow Nourishments’ raw treats at As Nature Intended at the Belconnen Markets and Lazy Mays in Tuggeranong.

Feel free to follow Anthea’s vegan foodie adventures here:




Healthy ‘n Happy Baked Goods

Healthy 'n Happy LogoI’m Lauren, a Canberra based, healthy Vegan baker whose aim is to create great food, which you can replicate and serve to your friends and family!  There is the unfounded assumption that Vegan meals are bland, unappetising or just tired old salads but I want to change that idea with my recipes.  I bake using whole foods because I believe it’s important to look after your self and to eat food that responds well on your insides.  I have loved baking ever since I was little and I see it like art.  I have the ability to create something amazing out of the most basic ingredients.  Baking and desserts are something that I’ve always been drawn towards and I continue to aspire to create extravagant food.  If you want to check out my recipes, then head to  Happy baking!

Veggie Vitality New Vegan Burger @ Grill’d

Original Post by Candice Nertney

Description by Grill’d:  For Veg and Veg 2.0’s, we’re meating [hmmm] you more than half way with the Veggie Vitality burger: a beetroot, sweet potato, spinach and quinoa patty, layered with avo, pineapple, carrot and cos lettuce – just coz. You can thank nutritionist Lola Berry for that one, plus a few more in the Loved by Lola menu edit.

If you are on a computer, you can read more Vegan ACT group posts about Grill’d here.

Verdict:  We recommend you ask for tomato relish to have in this yummy and very filling burger.  We also reckon the avocado and pineapple are key flavours in this burger so if you aren’t a fan of them both then try them with both or get something else :).  You also might like to annotate the parts of their paper menus mentioning their ‘ethical’ meat by writing ‘See:’ then pop them back in the menu box :).

Good news!:  Grill’d seem to have rebranded and removed their dodgy signs featuring a photo of a cow with a “HELLO My name is Delicious” sticker over it as discussed here:

and here:

and even more here:

MUFU (Makeup for you) – New Local Business

MUFU Makeup For You

MUFU – Makeup for you is dedicated to bringing quality cruelty free cosmetics to Australia.
We don’t stock any makeup from companies that test on animals.
From local favourites to exclusive overseas brands, MUFU has the makeup for you.
We’re passionate about makeup and providing new and exciting trends directly to you.
Cruelty free makeup for every budget, because makeup is for people not bunnies <3


Financial Philosophy – A NSW accounting business for Vegans

Hey Everyone. Tax time is approaching & we are an all vegan ethical family accounting business 🙂 our business services are available exclusively to the vegan community.

If you own an ethical business we can help you get ready for the end of financial year with bookkeeping at just $25/hour and we can coordinate your tax & BAS services. Make sure you comment below if you send a pm so I know to look for it.

Our mission is to provide a high quality professional accounting service, with a focus on facilitating the growth and development of ethical vegan businesses. Financial Philosophy’s business services will be available exclusively to the vegan business community and will be provided at a discounted rate to ensure accessibility to small businesses. We aim to maintain a community based presence and provide support to animal welfare groups as well as our own two activism projects, The River Project and Vegans Inspiring Change.

Fairlings Online Shop Now Live!

FairlingsJust wanted to share some exciting news! 🙂 Michael and I have launched our beautiful online store Fairlings this morning. We’re on a mission to help compassionate individuals who are mindful about the social impact of their personal purchases by providing a curation of high quality ethical products, original and informative content, and daily inspiration for how to lead life as close to nature as possible. Have a look and let us know what you think!

Fairlings connects essential day-to-day products that are fair trade, vegan, eco friendly and organic with conscientious & compassionate people. We would love your support over on our Facebook, Instagram and sign up to our newsletter (

Launch of compassionate online Australian store Fairlings

Health food shops in Canberra by Sonja Barfoed

Let's Be Natural, MawsonWritten by Sonja Barfoed

Just in time for healthy new year’s resolutions! Canberra has some wonderful (but not always easy to find/know about) health food shops and places to bulk-buy or bring your own containers. Make sure you check they’ve definitely re-opened after the holidays!

I have a theory about the proximity of health food shops and art galleries – a good opportunity to improve your entire health and outlook.  Read more…

Canberra Organic Food Collective

Canberra Organic Food Collective

Written by Sonja Barfoed

Canberra Organic Food Collective, Dickson: Grass-roots, affordable organic dry foods. Bring your own container options, it’s easy to decide what you want to order from the price-list (kilogram quantities).  The only place I’ve found in Canberra that sells real, genuine, potent cinnamon. Worth it for that alone, but also other good spices, rice, nuts, beans and more.  Parking: Free, on-street.  Closest gallery: ANCA

Veganarchy Bakery and Deli (Civic) and Market Stalls (Kingston and Handmade)



Veganarchy is a small independent business based in Canberra, Australia. Gabrielle bakes all of the delicious cupcakes + other yummy treats, fresh and on request using organic + fair-trade ingredients where possible, she can cater for all your special events: birthdays, morning + afternoon teas, for offices events, engagements, weddings, movie marathons, really… just any time you can think of to eat sweets.

Like most small businesses, Veganarchy started as a hobby, with Gabrielle spending hours baking, tweaking and taste testing at home. Recognising an opportunity to cater for vegans and allergy suffers in Canberra, Gabrielle quickly progressed to offering up tasty treats for donation at local shows, and holding quarterly fund raising events to raise money for animal welfare organisations. From this, Veganarchy Sweets and Eats was born.

With 10 years of vegan baking under her belt Gabrielle has developed an extensive catalogue of sweets. Focusing on making quality vegan baked goods that will rival any counterpart. Veganarchy caters for cafes during the week, attends markets on most weekends, and takes as many personal orders as humanly possible!

Until May 2018 Gabrielle operated the whole business on her own (with some help for markets) and Veganarchy Sweets ‘N’ Eats is a dream come true and complete labour of love for her.

The goal of opening a vegan bakery + deli in Canberra Australia has finally been achieved and you can find Croissant D’Or by Veganarchy 5 days a week 7:30am – 3:30pm at 33 East Row Civic. Croissant D’Or opened 1978 and for 40 years has been a Canberra institution, when the opportunity arose to take over the shopfront Gabrielle decided in was important to merge the brands and expand her menu further into French Patisserie products.

While recipes for the perfect Croissants, Danishes, Petit Fours and Macarons are being finalised you can still stop in for sweets: cupcakes, muffins, cookies, cheesecake, raw snickers, donuts, and brownies; and savoury foods: an ever changing selection of toasties, pies, pastries, bagels, burgers and salads. In the near future Veganarchy’s deli selection of vegan cheeses, meats and prepared foods will be available.

Veganarchy still supplies wholesale to cafes and showcases products at markets to extend their reach proving that no animals need to be harmed to make a delicious moist cake, a melt in your mouth cookie or slice. Check the Market page for upcoming dates.