Kippax Curry House, Holt (Vegan-Friendly)

Kippax Curry House

Where:  3/116 Hardwick Crescent Holt ACT 2615

Kippax Curry House

Vegan Friendly Entrees:

  • Bhajiya:  Spinach and onion fritters in a chickpea flour batter, deep-fried and served with chutney (4 per serve)
  • Bara:  Spiced ground chickpeas patties, deep-fried and served with chutney (4 per serve)

Vegan Friendly Mains (as pictured):

  • Pumpkin curry: Pumpkin pieces slow-cooked with spices to a soft mash
  • Aloo baigan chana: Potatoes, eggplant and chickpeas cooked in aromatic spices blended with tomatoes and coriander
  • Rourou:  Spinach cooked in spicy coconut milk
  • Ghobhi:  Cabbage cooked in tomatoes
  • Aloo fry:  Diced potatoes lightly fried with onions, spices and coriander
  • Khattar:  Jackfruit lightly fried with onions and spices
  • Bean Fry:  Dried french bean lightly fried with onions and spices
  • Dhal:  Lentil stew with fresh vegatables, finished with tempered onion, garlic, mustard seeds
  • Vegetable Palau:  Rice Cooked with vegetables and spices
  • Bhindi:  Okra lightly fried with onions and spices

Review Written by Michelle and Gareth

We went along to Kippax Curry House to see what vegan options were available, and we were met with the most friendly, knowledgeable staff we could have hoped for! We were so enthusiastic, they said they would create a post with all the vegan mains available so we could share.

Check these guys out, the food is excellent and unique, the range is bigger than most and they were just so accommodating! Just let them know you’re vegan, and they’ll run through any other options (like entrees) they have for you.

They took us through every vegetarian option on the menu and offered to alter any item to suit us if it needed to be. A few items were made completely from scratch to suit our needs, all within 20 minutes. To cap it off, every dish was delicious and unique, especially for a restaurant in the suburbs. The fit-out is thoughtful and modern too, and it would make an excellent venue for a dinner for a small or large group. We are so impressed with this little gem, we are definitely going to visit again soon. Thanks Kippax Curry House!

Angkor What, Belconnen Mall – Shop

Angkor What BelconnenAdded by Rowena

They pack lots into a very small space with a wide range of Vegan items such as sauces, tofu, mock-meats, noodles, sauces, and fresh Asian greens. Freezer section has mock-meats as well as banana or taro in sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves.

Location:  Next to Woolworths in Belconnen Mall



As Nature Intended Shop, Belconnen Markets – 10% Discount for Vegan ACT Cardholders

As Nature IntendedAs Nature Intended Shop offers a huge range of vitamins, organic fruit and veg, fudge, products by Gardein, Cheezley, Orgran, Linda McCartney and Tofutti.

10% discount off store items for card-holding members of Vegan ACT.

Click here for info on their Cafe.

Sonja Barfoed:  Lots of what you’d expect in a health food shop plus fruit and vegetables and delicious cakes (see the cabinet). Really good vegan frozen food options, and lots of beauty products. Similar to Mountain Creek as it has a café component (very big) but many more meal options.  Parking: Paid, nearby carpark.  Closest gallery: Belconnen Arts Centre

Malaysian Chapter, Belconnen (Vegan-Friendly) – 10% Discount for Vegan ACT Cardholders

Malaysian ChapterThis is a non-Vegan restaurant but they have lots on offer.  In the restaurant, they have a special Vegetarian menu which is mainly Vegan and has many delicious dishes to choose from.  For takeaway, you can now order straight off the online menu but be sure you order their ‘(v)’ items to avoid dishes that include eggs:  Starters, Soups, Mains and Noodles & Rice.

10% discount for card-holding members of Vegan ACT

The Allergy Centre / Go Vita, Jamison – 10% Discount for Vegan ACT Cardholders (not valid for fridge or freezer items)


Shop 2, Jamison Centre, Bowman St, Macquarie, Ph: (02) 6215 2670

10% discount off rrp for card-holding members of Vegan ACT (not valid for fridge or freezer items).

  • Vegan foods (including coconut yoghurt, desserts and daiya cheese)
  • Health Foods, Vitamins
  • Naturopathic Consultations

Open 9am-6.30 Mon-Fri, Sat 9-5pm, Sun 10-3pm

Gelatissimo, Belconnen, Civic and Manuka (9 Vegan Flavours)

Gelatissimo Belconnen


  • Belconnen Shop 128A, Top Floor Westfield Shopping Centre, Benjamin Way, Belconnen ACT 2617 – (02) 6251 7780
  • Canberra Civic Square Shop Centre, Kiosk K11, 148 Bunda Street, Canberra ACT 2601 – (02) 6248 8171
  • Manuka Manuka Terrace Shop T5 & T6A, 18 Flinders Way, Manuka ACT 2603 – (02) 6162 1165

Gelatissimo is a gelato franchise that servies 9 dairy-free sorbets: Blood Orange, Choc Sorbet (Amazing!), Forest Berries, Lemon, Lime, Mango, Passion-Fruit, Raspberry and Strawberry

“The Gelatissimo sorbet range is a refreshing and flavour-packed alternative to the dairy range. Every one of our sorbets are 100% fat and dairy-free, not to mention smooth and simply irresistable!”